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Garage Door Springs Replacement

What is the price?

Importance of immediate repair of a broken garage door.

It often happens that high quality garage doors last for really much time up to several decades, however their springs are not that durable. Thus springs replacement is the most common routine homeowners have to do regularly.

How lasting are garage door springs?

The springs located centrally right above the garage door are called "torsion". They perform as a counterbalance for the door weight. They have to do rather tough work while lifting heavy door.

Springs always face wear and tear since their purpose is handling heavy garage doors.",- states the owner of the Garage Door Service located in Charlotte, North Carolina. -"Springs type is selected according to the door type. The heavier a door is the more durable a spring should be. Metal springs have to work at serious tension and after certain number of cycles they simply snap and break.

Good springs should last for more or less 10 years. That is why despite their replacement is a regular repair it is not supposed to happen too often.

What is the price for garage door springs replacement?

Typically professional replacement of broken springs costs around $200.

"Basically one springs get broken while the other still works, but it's reasonable to replace the pair.",- says the owner of Garage Doors Service from Kissimmee, Florida - "It means that after one spring gets snapped the other one is going to do the same soon. These springs are large - they handle doors weighing up to 300 pounds."

However, it does not really matter if a spring is large or small. If a company asks far more than $200 for springs replacement it should strike a warning note for a homeowner.

Such prices are typical for common scammers working in this field",-notes customer service manager working in Tampa, Florida.-"Many companies will try to persuade customers that it's necessary to replace not the springs only, but also several other details and ask about $500-600 for the entire work. As for us - we always charge $225 for springs replacement if it comes to a typical two-car garage. The tax, our work and the galvanized springs themselves are included in this price".